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Born in London of Caribbean heritage, Geoffrey is an expanded arts practitioner based in Margate and is steeped in the traditions, histories and culture across the Caribbean, Atlantic and Britain. He has a dynamic, multidisciplinary practice, including mark-making, performance, film and installation, focusing on Afro-surreal cultural texts that explore the relationship and assumptions surrounding cultural belonging, migration, identity and race through creating reparative formations.  Winner of the inaugural Brixton open in 2002, he migrated to Brazil in 2005, he was a founder reggae collective ‘Dread in Brasil’  in Salvador Bahia from 2008-2012. His short film ‘Prove it’ was shown at the 2012 Cannes film festival. Becoming bilingual, he studied painting at MAM in Salvador, Brazil in 2013 and drawing at the Honolulu Museum of Art in Hawaii USA, in 2014. Returning to the UK in 2015, where he exhibits regularly. Writer and Directors consultant on the 2016 4 part BBC documentary, ‘Black is the new black’.  He gained a masters degree in Race media and social justice, at Goldsmiths, University 2019, which focussed on Afro-futurism and the Afrosurreal as cultural texts. He continues his practice and teaches mark making at the Peopldedemcollective in Margate, UK.

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