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Participate Diversity fayre



Can you see privilege and othering, what does it look like, what does it feel like?

Participate: produced with Looping the Loop and Margate Now, the Diversity fayre was a Covid secure event made up of challenged and weighted social experiment events arranged to highlight privilege, social disadvantage, race and ableism. 

Participate Diversity Fayre is an immersive art activation, very much like a school sports day or village Fair typical in Thanet. Join in, fill out ‘the check your privilege’ questionnaire and enter your bubble. Participate.

Step 1: Fill out the ‘Check Your Privilege’ form 
Step 2: We will be in touch to let you know whether you have been selected to participate
Step 3. Arrive on Saturday 3rd October, enter your ‘bubble’ and take part.

All participants mu
st wear their Privilege glasses.

link to film:

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