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Everyone can draw

Everyone can draw

8 week tutored program

Most people have in their lives enjoyed drawing, but at some point something took the fun out of it as judgement and criticism entered. The Everyone can draw class is a way to break out of your zone of negative critique. We rediscover the non critical space through drawing and mark-making to reconnect to their creativity.


The process begins as we create a safe space so we disconnect and rewire how the world is seen then reconnect bringing the world into a new focus, only this time freeing yourself from judgement and critique. Developed over several years Geoffrey's drawing techniques are a great tool to successfully unlock your creativity.

No experience necessary “Everyone can draw” is Inclusive, diverse and centred on well being. You don’t have to be an artist or even want to be. The classes are open to everyone. You may not be able to draw, however within the safe space you will benefit from creating a positive set of attitudes as you begin your new journey in mark-making.

This is not your average drawing class, get ready to have a blast, we don’t just draw, we paint, we sing we dance. The tools are easy, affordable and before you know it you will be on your way to making your masterpiece, you.

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Sunday draw

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A weekly drop in life drawing class at the PeopledemHQ on Marine terrace in Margate, Kent. Beginner-friendly to expert, life drawing classes are the best way to discover and develop your drawing talent in a safe friendly space. Bring your own materials or use those provided. Even though there is a model, the Sunday draw is all about the joy of mark making and there is no pressure to produce life drawings.

Contact for more information or use the booking form.

Private lessons


For tailor made classes and workshops for individuals and groups.

Please contact with your requirements.

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