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Migrant Bloom

A refugees' journey






Derived from his stint as the artist in residence at Dark Sugars Cocoa House.


Being the child of migrants and having migrated himself, in these works, Chocolate and in particular the journey of chocolate the journey of the Chocolate from Mezo America to the world and it's transformation from sacred beverage to the bars and products we know and love. Geoffrey compares the sugar and fat bloom on chocolate to refugees who often go unseen and undocumented within the societies and cultures they arrive into. Although the refugees, like the bloom, can be viewed as undesirable, they are an integral and necessary part of the fabric of society and, translated into chocolate terms, play a fundamental part of its structure and complexity; of its taste, texture and sensation. 


The fats and sugars gradually bloom, forming crystals on the surface of the chocolate. These crystals can be seen as a fundamental living growth, developing and adapting to the moisture content in the air and its surroundings; producing by its very nature a dissonant dynamic between how chocolate is normally perceived in both its solid and liquid forms.

blind faith
Curry is the national dish in England
A perfect place for us new
Exotic foods in the market
Beast of no nation
Through customs
Blind faith (detail)
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