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Fascinated by the Native American Pueblo revival, I am also inspired by Magdalene Odundo and how she incorporates her African and British identity into her handbuilt vessels. Being a singer, I am particularly drawn to the sound produced when these pots are struck or cupped on their rims. In these pieces I wanted a glaze that reflected my blackness with a sweeping pour as the painters stroke upon the form

Each vessel has its own capacity, a space within the clay body that acts as a diaphragm, creating tonality, pitch, and a voice. I am particularly interested in the rim, which resembles the shape of lips. Uttering a vowel, like the universal "O," holds linguistic and sonic power. It reminds me of the beginning of "Ohm," the sound and energy that unleashes the spirit. The vowel "O" can be sung and multiplied to create a chorus-like effect.

In my portraits, I am focused on the agency of the image. I contemplate the meeting of cultures, the blending of marks and forms, and the transmission of breath and sound. It is a harmonious unison, reminiscent of hymnals and choral music. These singular images and vessels are a coming together, a chorus.

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