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The world reimagined

Selected as one of the artists for the Globe project his Globe Shine Bright is featured in the Expanding Soul section and has been displayed across London including Trafalgar Square and the Maritime Museum in Greenwich.
The dreams of those who sailed across the sea /Shine Bright/ The dreams of souls in the belly of the beast/ Shine Bright.

The inverted globe subverts our gaze and sense of belonging to the earth as we know it, and the only mapping other than the dark sea and the red earth is the appreciation of the cultural texts created by the descendants of those who made the transatlantic journey in chrome. This appreciation is the shining of Samba, of Salsa and Soul, it is the shining of Blues, Bebop and Boogie, Reggae, Jazz, Calypso, Funk, Afrobeat, HipHop and Carnival. All shine brightly on the earth. Caporiera and the legacies of Gospel, Vodun, Santeria, Candomble and Jazz, Jerk, Jambalaya and Gumbo glisten and migrate across the earth; to Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceana as well as the cultural return beat to Africa. We sparkle, in traffic lights, cotton gins, elevators and the internet, diamonds in the blackness of the Atlantic, diamonds sprinkled on the blood red lands.

Shine bright.

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